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I use hypnotherapy to help clients grow through a state of deep relaxation and highly focused attention.

People go in and out of hypnotic trance states throughout the day. For example, when you drive a car and arrive at your destination without noticing how you got there, you may feel you drove on automatic pilot while your conscious mind was somewhere else. This is because your brain works on different levels to enable you to perform tasks. Some tasks are done consciously while others are done subconsciously. Through hypnosis, I help you use both to accomplish your goals.

Hypnotherapy can help with:

  • Phobias
  • Optimizing memory & concentration
  • Test-taking
  • Bruxism, clenching & grinding teeth
  • Pain management
  • Weight loss & eating disorders
  • Surgery preparation
  • Hypnobirthing®

For more information about hypnotherapy, please visit www.ASCH.net.

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